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It is personal choice. It could be argued that you should use a microphone as this is how you will perform most of the time if you are contemporary artist. I personally prefer to train my voice without a microphone as it helps me isolate aspects of my voice. It is just me making the sound and therefore is more raw, with none of the effects I might use live (bit of compression and reverb via my TC Helicon Harmony G). Therefore, for me it's about making the best sound possible acapella, which will lead to an even better sound when amplified. With my first instrument being a guitar, it is the equivalent for me to playing my fast licks with a clean sound before hitting on the overdrive. The effects can cover up some impurities in technique, but if I can get it clean, it will sound immense.

However, after I have done a bit of training and move to working on songs, I practise with a mic and with the equipment set up I use live. The more you use your gear rehearsing the songs in your set, the more comfortable you will be you get out there and do your thing.

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