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punk vocals

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OK, for those of you who haven't rolled your eyes back into your head and can still read this post...


Thanks to the help I've gotten on this forum I've finally figured out that I need twang and how to produce it. I've also figured out the difference between head and chest voice. However, I can't get the grungy, raspy voice I want to have. I want to sound like Fat Mike from NOFX (well, maybe on some of the older records like "Ribbed" and "Punk in Drublic.") However, I sound very harsh and edgy when I increase the pressure and push with my diaphragm or whatever I'm doing. I sound a lot like Tim Armstrong from Rancid, in fact I could probably fill in for him. And honestly, I wasn't trying to sound like that, but I can't get a smooth rasp, just a really edgy, gravelly rasp.

Do you think that with more practice I will be able smooth out or control my "rasp" (or whatever it is), or is that just the way my diaphragm and vocal cords interact? I have heard that there is more than one way to get edgy vocals, and I'm not entirely clear about the different techniques. If I have to describe what I'm doing, I sing with a clean tone with a moderate amount of twang, am in between head and chest voice, increase the volume to about mf-f, and visualize pushing the air up at the top of my vocal cords with my diaphragm pushing pretty hard. Btw, this is not hurting my vocal cords and even after an hour of this I can sing cleanly in my full range. I'm not sure what technique I'm using, but might I be using the wrong technique for where I want my vocals to be? Sound clips can be posted if you think it will help. Thanks in advance.


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Thanks, but I don't really want to pay money for a product right now. How about I rephrase the question. What vocal technique is being used in this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sx85Sm8x5s? I know he's off key and all, but it's the technique that I want to know about. What is he doing and how does he do it? Does anyone know or can anyone tell from watching the clip? Thanks.

Not many punk fans on here, I guess. I suppose most singers turn their noses up at the mention of punk vocals, but I have realized that not just anyone, even a seasoned singer, can try to sing punk and sound good. I noticed that Fat Mike (see youtube clip) tends to go in and out of his scratchy voice live, so I'm guessing that it isn't necessarily easy to maintain a scratchy fullness (for lack of a better term). Dexter Holland from the Offspring does the scratchy singing too, but live he is mostly clean, so I'm guessing that there's a very delicate balance to maintain in getting a raspy voice that is somewhat pleasing to the ear and not abrasive sounding. I'll just keep practicing if no one has any advice or tips on this.

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