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Head Voce help (att: ugly audio inside)

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Hey Guys,

Judging by my recent post one could deduce I'm having some head voice problems)))

I think I've got all the help I needed, yet there's one more thing I wanted to ask you.

Some background: I'm now at a stage where I'm fairly comfortable with my E4-A4 range, which is now chestier and more resonant than before. And that I attribute to this wonderful place ;) However, I'm still struggling with my highs. Even before I started singing and training I could never hit a high "woohoo", for example, which was and still is quite embarrassing. I mean I CAN sing, but I cannot make a comfortable "woohoo" sound, which always gets stuck around a C5-C5# and feels very thick. I can go up to a F5 on the lip bubbles, but I need tones of air to do so. If I back down off the air pressure my folds come apart and only air comes out on Ab4 and above. Learning support helped my mid range but, so far, it did nothing for my upper notes.

Now, if I tense my stomach real hard I can squeak on G5s-C6s, but when I try to "connect" THAT to my lower notes, everything falls apart.

Below is a link to an audio example. I think, I'm hitting some A5s on the "ya ya ya", but when I try to go down I crack BAD.


After about 20 mins of making these kinds of sounds my voice feels a bit tired, but not all that much. Moreover, I tried singing in my mid range after that and it felt pretty good.

Now, I would really need your advice on this. Does my experiment have any merit to it? Is there a potential there? I don't think I'm hurting myself badly, but if you think that I am, then I will quit.

Really looking forward to your suggestions,

Thanks so much for all your help already,


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  • Administrator

This is a head tone and it also has what we would call at TVS, "high & tight" twang-like contractions on the onset. The twang like contractions on the onset are setting you up for some potential connectivity were you to release that configuration into your heady placement you have discovered... so there is some merit to this... it reminds me of the "Nyet" excersice we do at TVS to help students learn how to twang or to build twang coordination and strength, however... this phonation your sharing by itself has little application.

You need to learn how to take that twangy compression and release it into something, namely, a wide open formant and vowel so that you can begin to use it for your singing voice. If all you do is onsets , but never release into a nice open vowel and phonate something you could actually use in singing, then your not really utilizing this approach to its full potential.

You need to track and release.

Id be happy to help you learn how to harness this and turn it into something that can really benefit your growth with your voice technique.

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The reason why your voice tires is because you apply a "hold" to the higher notes, notes up in the A5 range is alot easyer to hit hold free. And very very few singers actualy hit A5's in a "connected state" meaning same quality down low as up high, most just disconnect the voice and use alot of twang and right vowels to make it beefy.

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Thank you, Rob, I wrote you an email regarding possible lessons.

Thanks, Jens, I get what you're saying but I doubt those vocalists that you referred to were unable to "connect" on the way down. They sound pretty full on those notes , whereas I have to squeeze to get that high and there's an almost complete disconnect with the bottom ;(

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