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How to improve voice for singing

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Hello guys. I have always wanted to improve my voice for singing. I play guitar often and when I start singing my friends all run away xD. I have been training my voice for a long time. The problem is I don't have the earing and cannot fall onto notes. I recently came across a program which is promising that it will help for improving the voice and before buying it I wanted to ask if anyone has tried it and if yes does it help? The program is in the following link.   https://thevocaliststudio.com/udemy-singing-course/  Thanks in advance.

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This is the program arranged by Robert Lunte the founder of this forum.

Yes it is a good program and will help you achieve your singing goals. As with any program YOU are the one who has to do the work and the training. This program will teach YOU how to TRAIN YOUR voice.

The reason for the Capital letters is to make you understand that YOU are responsible for whether the program works or not. The voice is built by using it properly.

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