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Reduction in range.

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Hello, everyone!

I've been singing (non professionally) for a few years. I'm 21 years old, and have a range covering baritone & tenor registers. In the past year, I've experienced a rather irritating reduction in range, with the upper notes being strained or weaker in tone than they were. I went to an ENT, and discovered that my throat was completely clean, no signs of any serious damage, although there was a possible pre-nodule, for which I am currently attending speech therapy.

Once I am finished with speech therapy, I'd like to go to get voice lessons, when I can afford them. My question is: can a "potential" pre-nodule be the cause of my range reduction? Or is it natural, something related to allergies, or stress? I never really had to strain for any high notes, so I've stopped entirely until this problem can be cleared up.

Thanks in advance! I've enjoyed reading the articles posted here. They have been most informative.

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