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Hi everyone!

I am a huge admirer of Shreya Ghoshal and have been a huge fan of her singing right from the time she rose to prominence in Bollywood. One of this generation’s finest singers, I have always been awed by her soothing voice and singing style. I follow her on Facebook and Instagram and always try to keep myself updated on her life and work. Being one of her superfans, I have started an initiative where I have tried to gather as much content about her as possible in one place (https://www.xpert.tv/profile/?xprt=shreya-ghoshal) so that, like me, other superfans can learn from her. If you are a Shreya Ghoshal superfan, please do help me with this initiative. If you have any content, such as videos, interviews, articles or podcasts related to Shreya Ghoshal that you feel deserves to be on the platform, do share it with me so I can duly add it. Help me in this endeavour so that all of Shreya Ghoshal’s fans can learn from her and get inspired. 

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