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SE WI / NE IL - Seeking Male Pop/Rock Vocalist

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Southeastern Wisconsin / Northeastern IL (near state line) - SEEKING MALE VOCALIST (age 21-34) to replace our guy shown in the videos (he's moving to FL mid-to-late summer). Time to get someone in and get them up-to-speed! 1f642.png

Our current guy is a true Tenor, but we're also open to Baritones / High-Baritones because we can slide some of the super-high songs to our female lead vocalist if necessary.

Lead male sings back-up vocals on female tunes and vice-versa. The "lead" video below is an example of our most "Top 40-ish" stuff. The "back-ups" video is an example of our radio-friendly alternative side. The band plays all 2000's+ and has several radio rockers too. List is 100% Billboard hits.

IS THIS YOU? OR, does someone else come to mind?? Please contact me or share.

Here's videos:

Leads: https://www.facebook.com/smart.mouth.mke/videos/2779120108770478/

Back-ups: https://www.facebook.com/smart.mouth.mke/videos/1129574437226986/

Once you get to the videos, you'll be on Smart Mouth's FB Page. Then FB Message us questions or let us know if you're interested.

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