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The "Straw" technique by world renowned voice scientist Dr. Ingo Titze

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While straws are funny :), lip rolls could do this as well. Also he is mixing artistic choice with healthy voice usage. Having air come through your nose is perfectly fine, closing the velum port is done to achieve a darker sound.

Drinking abit more water, working on a better talking technique, and perhaps even increasing your overall physical strength would IMO help more than this.;)

PS: The guy might be an awesome teacher, I'm only judging this certain video.

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Dr Titze (TEE-tsee) put this out for people with tired speaking voices, as an exercise to help the voice recover. It works for tired singing voices to, somewhat. I think his primary audience for this is the classroom teacher.

The principle is to generate supraglottic pressure, so that the vocal bands have an inertive vocal tract. That reduces the load at the level of the larynx, and can help to free up the muscles to do the full-range slides (or sirens) as he demonstrates, and also to help the vocal user remember the throat feelings that go with thinner-fold phonation. Note he does not use all this jargon that I just did... he just demonstrates how to do it, and picks a song most everybody in this country knows. Elsewhere, I think he would probably say to use your own National Anthem :-)

As others have mentioned, this same effect can be achieved with other exercises, for example, any of the semi-occluded voiced consonants. This has the benefit that the person doing the exercise can do it _very_ quietly, much more so than if an actual consonant is being produced. Also, the vocal tract inertance from such a small straw is strong, which is not the case with the milder semi-occluded consonants (m, n) and even with soft J. IMO, its even better than using V, Z and voiced TH, which are ones that I use all the time, as you know.

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