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Do i have a good voice?

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how many times have we heared this same question before and how many times is the answer allways the same

where do you get this question from; the telivision consensors deard we ask

not bothered opening your video, as its a video to much data allowance, sure you where asking the same questions on another forum

5 hours ago, MDEW said:

Sounds good Swedish Singer. 

they still charging for reviews hear MD?

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    Anyone can give reviews. You just commented on one. with no help to Swedish singer. a simple question "Do I sound good?" Yes, you sound good.

   And just say "Yes, you sound good?".  Because I did not hear any potential problems.


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1 hour ago, Silly Little Man! said:

but do they still charge hear for a review?

I do not know. Post a video of you singing and see what happens. In your own thread of course.

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