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Guest Stuart Jones

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   These shows, if not fixed, are designed to be controversial. They want you to get pissed at the panel or root for different singers. They need to at least seem to be legit. So they will show someone who sings well but not fantastic and others that cannot sing at all just so you will get the idea they are really looking for local talent not people they already have an eye on for "Stardom".

    "Star" quality is something that comes and goes with time and circumstance, sometimes based on the current fad. 

     Even someone who cannot hold a tune may end up being a star because of another quality; personality, certain look, quirky or fashionable attire. Could be anything that strikes the judges/producers fancy.....again...at the moment. Right place right time.

    Another part of "Stardom" or someone for producers and recording companies to promote....The idea of longevity and their own ability to control the singer/band for years. They are not going to work with a singer who thinks they know more than the producers and promoters. Producers and Promoters have an idea of what THEY are looking for . No matter how much talent you have, If you are not going to work with them....You are on your own.


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with out even wasting my data allowance watching or seeing the video, from what is written, I completly aggree with MD on this one!

Another BS tallent calling contest conducted by an agencey that dont even know if they got the job them selfs yet, never mind the muppits that will waste hours recording a video for these devil worshipers who have no musical industry experance training or knowlage, just another young wip snack a crakcer out of uni with a degree in watch-am-atrigity (nothing to do with music of cource) that can not tell the different from bad singing teckneeks and a good quality recording. They want to see ner ner and woo woo, someone dressed in a costum pranging about to judge if they can sing well or not

Well of cource this is how the world works nower days; its part of the globel agenda!

Another @#$% poster, that we all need to avoid really, but hay this forum is finished right so who the hell cares anyway

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