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Darn it...vocal cord closure....

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First, forgive me. I have been thoroughly annoyed by my lack of not analysing myself...

but still...moving on. So, I'm in my "Journey to Forever" to master cord closure...

Okay, so I grasped the basics of not flipping and using compression. Or maybe not...

First, where exactly is the arytenoids? Apparently these muscles are used to connect the chest and head voice easily.

Secondly, how can I compress? I think I'm not using enough compression... I mean I can connect and drift to head voice, but when I do it during excersises and/or singing, There are a few tips like a pouty sound, here's an example by Dave Brooks

Thirdly, my head voice is breathy, but maybe my chest also too! I can still hear air passing through, which means I'm breathy, and apparently not enough compression, so how can I improve cord closure? Not closed completely, but at least a strong foundation

And that excersise by Jesse Nemitz may be a useful one too look at, because I did this video and able to go high until I felt tension.

Please, thank you for anyone who answers!

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