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Honest Opinion of mt Friends singing voice

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Hi All,


First of all this post is not about my voice but my friends. For the past 4 years we have been going to Benidorm and my friend Adam Matson has been singing in Karaoke bars and he gets so many people saying he should do something with his voice and I totally agree. I would like to post some links to some of his singing I uploaded to my youtube channel and would love to hear back what you think. I think he has an amazing voice with an incredible range. Let me know what you think. Thank you in advance.





I hope this does not break any forum rules posting external links to youtube but I would really like to feedback  so I can show him him :)





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Guest Sang

I only watch a few minutes of a couple of those videos and it’s hard to tell in some because the whole bar is singing along lol and audio from these types of videos are usually not great. But from what I did hear, he’s very talented and the range alone is impressive. He could pursue it if he took it up seriously. Like got a coach and practiced every day seriously. Idk the context either like if he’s just letting off steam and being goofy or been drinking in these videos or anything like that but if that’s the case then he should absolutely pursue singing further! I did notice some pitch issues here and there but like I said I don’t know the context which can affect that quite a significant amount so you should make him sing for you in a quieter and soberer setting and post that so we can really hear all the goodness of his voice. By the way, I’m kinda thinking this is actually you and not your “friend” and if it is, have some confidence! You have a fantastic voice! 

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   He sounds pretty good but it is up to him if he wants to pursue anything beyond Karaoke. The first thing I would do is to learn the words of a few songs without reading them and sing to the audience and not to the screen.

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