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Before and After Exploits - Keep it real

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To the point:

There are some *smart* voice teachers displaying before and after of their students as a sign of improvement and that are deliberately faking results and exploiting recording conditions to create the illusion that their singing method produces *huge* voices.

In this particular case I saw, the teacher compares a dry and very clean/honest recording of a students voice on a controlled volume level (meaning that it was properly gain staged for the best possible audio fidelity) and low to no reverb, which would be the before, with a badly distorted/digitally clipped sample of the same student singing where you can't even hear what the guy is doing anymore, which then would be the result of the training.

Guys, when you hear a distorted AND louder audio, of course it will sound *huge* compared to a clean version of the same, but this is not a consequence of the singer technique being better, it's just poorly captured and louder. In the sample I received an audio engineer was able to restore a bit of the audio and you could hear the student having issues with the phrase and cracking on it, something that was completely hidden by the distortion.

The fact that the distortion itself happens is being used as a sign of competence too, something like *it's so loud the recording equipment can't handle it*. This is non-sense. Certainly if you do not set the gear properly when you go loud, it clips, I did this mistake myself on a few of my videos, but it's all it is, a mistake when recording.

Except that on this specific case the effect is being deliberately exploited so I would not call it a mistake either.

Loud/Clipped recordings does not mean huge voices. Pay attention to what you are being shown!!

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Thanks for posting this. Agreed. Another tactic is to find professional singers from exotic countries and then pay them to come in and make claims that everything they learned was solely because of the teacher. It is disingenuous.

The proof of the singing is in the singing, but the proof in the teaching is in the teaching. Don’t confuse the two. 

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11 hours ago, Dravan Grey said:

the great felipes home recording studio (y2 where at it an all remember)

Ah I like your attempt man, but I prefer that the designation is used in the proper form. It's Felipe, the great.


I am sorry I don't understand what you want. You wanna hear what I am talking about here is that it? I will try to get the author of the video here to share it!

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59 minutes ago, Raging Gay said:

No what I actually wanted was a free skype lesson from your self just to prove I am a real person and not just some random I mean master troll (2 dimensanal fictinal hollow graphic character existing only as red green yellow light on a computer screen)

    You get more flies with honey than vinegar. I have gotten offers from others for the free skype or other forms of instruction and so have you. I may not have taken the offers but they were provided.

    If you want to be seen as a 3 dimensional person in a 2 dimensional world stop showing your 1 dimensional attitude towards those who have the capacity to help.

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