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The Difference Between Counter Tenors & Light Mass CCM Signing

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Robert, my gut reaction is "what's the similarity"? Do you have a specific contemporary artist we could use for comparison?

With this singer I am hearing classical mask, as oppose to contemporary pharyngeal resonance. I can hear open throat, and I can hear a lighter coordination (as distinct from lighter mass, which I cannot tell).

If you look at his belly, you may see him leaning in. Looks and sounds like appoggio, if it is not my imagination.

(Also, rounder embouchure -- less of the "smile").

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Hi Rob, depends on the kinds of light singing, but say we are talking about Journey.

A main difference would be level of adduction, counter-tenors sing with full closure on M2 but at comparatively lower levels of compression than you would use for Journey. Also the transition to M2 happens lower in range.

Even so, the practical strategy is not that different, it´s the compression level that dictates the transition points in both cases.

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   Not only the level of compression but the type of compression also. Breath compression, cord compression and "false fold compression. Not to mention placement, And laryngeal position. The tone is more to the whistle or tube resonance for the classical counter tenor and more towards a cord vibration "Buzz" for the contemporary(of course this does depend on the artist and genre.


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