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New Innovative Online Singing Method

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DEFINITIVE OPERA TECHNIQUE for all styles of singing-

This is one of the most renowned opera singers in the world. He has started a new online method of singing, teaching, and interpreting voice.  The technique is operatic but is universally based for all genres of singing including crossover, musical theater and popular styles.  Unlock access to the traditional Italian bel canto method of singing based on historical techniques. The lessons are designed to be highly concentrated to help you learn and teach as efficiently as possible, and to be a point of reference both at the beginning of your studies and throughout your career.


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Hey Carlo, How about joining the conversations instead of advertising for another singing program on a forum started by someone who HAS a singing program? 

Join the forum and contribute by sharing YOUR knowledge or opinions on the forum. Interact with people.

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  • Administrator

Exactly... thanks MDEW.


Two Things:


  • If you want to market your new course on this forum, there is a way to do it that is compatible with the rules, prevents this from being a conflict of interest and protects you from appearing too salesy.


  • Per MDEW's point... Please don't just come in here and throw up a billboard advertisement. You need to contribute and add value to the community. You have to earn the right to ask for a sale.


Try again.... 

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