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Is my voice good for singing Scorpions?

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Sup, it will be possible yeah. Falsetto does not work well on Scorpions, in special not on Still Loving You, that's why it's sounding off. With practice you can get it sure. Tenor or baritone depends on other stuff, don't worry about it much, it won't matter to sing what you want.

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On 8/5/2019 at 10:28 AM, Positiv said:

Hey there, I tried to sing that song which is overkill for me now, but will it be possible to sing it in the future for my voice type if i will practice? Am i tenor or baritone? Here is the record first couple https://picosong.com/wfBun/   Is my headvoice\falcetto terrible ?

Maybe i Maybe you https://picosong.com/wP9pY/


Yes it will be possible. These clips sounded like going in the right direction. Among other things, breath support may he helpful for these Scorpoins' songs. Apart from the notes and tone, I think you may want to keep an eye on pronunciation - there is some room for enhancement of clarity.

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