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Can I sing. It’s a very brief clip of a song I am trying to write.

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I am working on a song. It’s a brief clip but I want to know if I can sing. Please give me an honest opinion. I can take criticism. Please give your opinion on the song too and if anybody would like to collaborate on it if there’s a tiny bit of potential.

P.s: Sorry towards the end I kind of broke down

Cold heart.m4a

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Hi Marvin, Why make a comment that makes sense and then put in a link that has nothing to do with singing? If you are a real person and want to improve your singing. Look into "The four Pillars of Singing" Taught by Robert Lunte.

     Binny90, I like the song. It has as much potential as any other song. Keep up the good work. If you do want to improve your singing, The main thing is to practice scales to get your voice used to changing pitches and recognize when you are singing off pitch. Sing a little louder with feeling.


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