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Sore throat after using mixed voice

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Hi everyone

So basically I've just found my mixed voice and I can use it to achieve a good sound, and when I perform it, I feel no pain, strainĀ or tension. However 30-60 minutes after I've stopped singing, when I've used the technique, I get a sore throat. I've heard this is something to do with your throat not being used to resonance with the soft palate raised. Is this normal at first? Or am I doing something wrong?

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Hello, there can be many causes, not properly supporting, incomplete closure (a bit "airy" on mix), not using proper vowels, too relaxed position or tongue tension getting in the way.

Can you provide a sample of you using it?

Or better yet, join us on the messenger group, we can exchange samples more quickly and one of us can show you the coordination on the fly:


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