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Would You Agree With Him?

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Honestly there isn´t much there to agree or disagree, it´s true that male voices get more stable around 30yo, and then you get old and with it problems happen. How well you age will depend on much more than just your singing technique of that you can be sure.

But most of the video is him, once more, using high level performers to tag along as if he was in position to say anything about their skill. For example saying that Russel Allen is in "relatively good condition" or mentioning his masterclass and saying it´s the way he works. Very pretentious and no singing whatsoever... Disappointing for a video about Russel Allen.

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Hi James,

IDK... Wednesday morning quarterbacks?

In the past I used to be inclined to add comment or argue with something like this that I feel is lacking in some way, but these days... I just don't care anymore.  It's a waste of time... :DancingChicken:

Who is this guy? Is he a teacher with credibility? Can we seem him teach? Can we hear him sing? It just looks like another way to do a reaction video, which in my view is .... I can't find the words to describe without being rude... but, I think... the ultimate form of "free secret tips". People that typically don't want to train and will never train and will never spend 100 hours singing songs and working on parts. I am SO disinterested in this person's opinion on Russell Allen, that I'm not going to watch the video. His opinion means absolutely LESS than nothing to me.

Although I appreciate you making the post and sharing James... it is great to have you as a member. I don't want to seem lacking in gratitude for your participation. Only commenting on the value of the video to me personally.


I did notice this however... which I think does have value for both of us.

My name is James and I'm a possible future student of Rob Lunte.

If you have questions about the TVS training program and becoming a vocal athlete on the program, I am available to serve.

Let's get you actually training and singing better by doing it, not by talking about others who do.

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