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Time Waits For No One Cover

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Sounds pretty good to me. Do you have a light sounding speaking voice or did you train for that sound? part of the trouble I had was trying to match the tone and timbre of another singer... My voice is deep so I had to stop going for a brighter sound and let the larynx drop.

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37 minutes ago, singing squirrel said:

Brighter sound? are you talking sound color produced in the mouth or power produced in the voice box?

      The light sound comes with a forward tilted larynx and thin vocal folds(for me). My natural "at rest" voice is deep or Thick. If I really Relax into the sound I can mimic Sam Elliot.  Again, think of the difference in sound between Willy Nelson and Elvis Presley, Or Steve Perry Vs Danny Joe Brown from Molly Hatchet. One is light and bright the other is Deep and thick.

      A way to understand how YOU can get different sounds is by paying attention to how people would talk to a baby. They use a tiny  soft sound "oh, your so cute etc...." Light, bright, thin. And pay attention when someone is upset or angry " Hey, Get Out of My way. You Friggin' Bastard". Loud, thick and deep.... The sound comes from the same voice but it is used differently. One way works with some songs and the other way works with other songs, and there are times you mix the two.

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3 minutes ago, singing squirrel said:

also works the other way too!


I wonder if any one has written a dictionary for vocal terms yet

But then you would have to standardize the language for vocal pedagogy and we have already had rounds and rounds of debates on why that is bad. Better to just let falsetto be whatever the person who is writing wants it to be, And bright and dark can mean forward and back and light or heavy can mean high larynx or low larynx or it can mean thin folds or thick folds. Ringy and pingy can mean, Edgy and sharp.

But when you actually use things like thyroid tilt or Cricoid tilt, or narrow pharynx with a lifted tongue as apposed to a wide pharynx and a flat tongue that rests at the bottom of your mouth.... you know something physical that can be seen and felt it s not allowed.....Go figure.:)

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