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A song from the past

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You carried it, man!

Two of my tests..

Tomorrow, will I still be able to "hear the echoes" of you singing the song? Yes.

Two months later, if I heard another song, would I be able to tell it is you? Very probably.

It all comes down to getting that story, expression and vibe across, and you nailed it, imo. And I can hear a personality in the voice, which is very important.

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Thanks for listening and the comment. This is from many years ago before I had found resources to help "Improve" my voice. My tone is not as good as it could be and there is no vibrato. I also think if you are singing a cover for "critique" it is a little better if the song is one that has been under the radar for a few years. There is less possibility of being compared to the "original" singer, even though there may have been several "original singers" depending which generation you are from as a listener. You can be critiqued on your own merits and the content and delivery of the song.

5 hours ago, kickingtone said:

It all comes down to getting that story, expression and vibe across

I totally agree with this. All the training and practicing is to enhance the effect and delivery of the story and intent of the song.

I try to sing songs that I have a personal connection to or I can relate to in some way. At the time a good friend of mine was in a coma. She was in a car accident and had several young children and a grieving husband. Another young woman was staying with my family and was fighting cancer. She was in the room below me and I knew she could hear me singing and it helped calm her nerves and ease the pain.

Thinking of these things helped put the proper feeling and expression into the song. So, I was actually grieving myself while recording this.

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I didn't actually hear anything amiss with your tone. I thought that it suited the song.

With this song, I'm not really thinking vibrato. Majority of songs don't need vibrato, in my opinion, but that's only my take. Until I hear what the artist makes the vibrato bring to the song, it's hard to decide. For me, it doesn't automatically bring anything.

My initial impression, while in technical critique mode, was that you were not as confident as you could be, and you were being a bit too deliberate. But that all became academic because you carried it. Do that, and the rest is academic. I'd sooner revise what I thought would be necessary and pay attention to what actually worked.

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