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Tongue click. This is crazy!

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There's this exercise I do, where I record myself singing a short melody of some kind, and then sing over it with a different timbre or pitch.

Today, I picked an old UHURU melody I can remember from way back. Uhuru is South African music. I like a lot of African music.

Well I was innocently doing this exercise, singing normally, and I played it back and listened.

I couldn't believe it when I heard all these tongue clicks going through it. Tongue clicks are a feature of South African languages and music! How the **** did that get into my recording!!!

Anyway, its pretty handy. I'm gong to investigate wtf went on there. Maybe I can become proficient at clicking!

Must be something to do with the "word" I used.

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Seems like the transition between the N or d sound and the set up for the "Uh" vowel. The same thing happens when I sing "Been Up" or "and Up" especially when singing them quick. A flip of the tongue between the 2 sounds.

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   Not so crazy if you think about it. There are two ways to make a "Click" or "Pop" sound with the tongue. Creating a suction between the the Tip of the tongue and roof of the mouth (a position for making the "N" sound) and quickly releasing the tongue. You will get a "Click".  And Pressing the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth (As with the "N" sound) and allowing the tongue to slap against the floor of the mouth behind the lower teeth with a little force, you will you a "Pop". When you snap your fingers, the sound is not made by the two fingers sliding against each other but by the one finger slapping the flesh at the base of the thumb.

You have a perfect set up for both when singing this combination of words. "And Up" or Been up".

  If you want to eliminate the "Clicks" and "Pops" use a lighter touch when creating the "N" sound and do not allow the Tongue to "Slap" the floor of the mouth when releasing for the word "Up"

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5 hours ago, kickingtone said:

The trouble I am having is not eliminating it, it's reproducing it...

Do you mean while singing the same passage or making the clicks independent of any words? With the tongue tip plus suction...allow a little more surface of the tongue on the roof of the mouth. Create a suction and pull the tongue away from the roof of the mouth, with a little force.

   For the tongue snap...starting in the "N" position flip the tongue down to the floor of the mouth and let it slap the fleshy part between the teeth and bottom of your tongue. Pull the tip of the tongue back a little bit so it misses the teeth and bottom gums.

 You can also make "Click" sounds with the back of your tongue like when pronouncing the "K" sound or "G" sound as in go. Just do not voice the sound and allow for a little more suction and a little Less surface of the tongue on the soft palate.

I make funny noises at times to annoy people...Or as sound effects at the proper time to make people laugh.......

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I have half a dozen different clicks I can do in isolation, but they are intentional. This one seems to be something new.

After some tests (same phrase as OP), I only hear the effect  if I record over myself. Then it is effortless. Maybe that is all it is, just a recording effect.

It doesn't seem to be any of these..


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