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What are these guys doing? Can you learn this technique with training or is this something unique?

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I’ve been very fascinated by male singers who can sing very high notes for the typical male singer. There are two singers in particular who are lead vocalist in a couple of I find very unique in their vocal style because of their range and vocal fry? It’s honestly too weird to describe.

 The two singers are Anthony Green (solo artist and Circa Survive) and Tilian Pearson.

What I’d like to know is how are they singing like this ? Is this something learned or some sort of difference in their vocal cords? I know that sounds crazy but it sounds so destructive but they have both been singing like this professionally for 15 years and still going strong with the same range and vocal style.


 Anthony Green -

Tilian Pearson -



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Listen to "Tilian-Favor The Gods" That one will give the clue to how he is singing or what he is doing.

             We do need to get a few things straight first... Just like you have people who come in different sizes because of genetics and such, people do have genetic differences in their vocal cords. Some produce a heavier beefy timbre and some produce lighter/thinner Timbre. So, two people singing the same way can and usually will sound different. The vocal folds are made up of different layers and they can be made to  vibrate on progressively deeper layers. This is what vocal teachers are talking about when they refer to "Vocal Mass". And, the vocal folds can be stretched. These two things are controlled by different muscle groups and can work together or independent of each other. You also have resonance which will enhance or filter out different  frequencies like the bass and treble knobs do on a stereo or Amplifier.  The different sounds come from a combination of how deep the vocal folds are vibrating and how the resonance is tuned. 

             You can train for a thin sound or a more full sound.  It may seem like this singer is using his Full voice but he is not. He is singing with a light mass(using less layers of the vocal fold) and using  a resonant position that cuts out some of the lower frequencies. And, For cutting the lower frequencies he could be using electronics on his mixing board to cut the lower frequencies and boost the higher ones. This will still make a heavy full voice sound thin. Do not forget that now they have "Vocal effect pedals" just like guitar players use that will change the tone of your voice through electronics.

             Training for singing the higher notes with a thin sound is usually done by working with the "Fry sound" that just involves the outer edge of the vocal folds vibrating and is trained by singing as quiet as you can.

           Training for a heavier sounds involve changing the resonant space in your vocal tract and using More mass or more layers of the vocal folds.

         This thing about "Mix" voice is that all singing is "Mixed". Finding the right combination that works for you is the hard part. "Chesty Mix" uses more layers of the vocal folds and Heady mix uses less. Also how you adjust the resonance is different.

          Distortion in the voice involves other different areas that are not dependent upon vocal mass. So a light mass voice with distortion will still sound like you are shouting when you are not.

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