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I'm cutting off the last note of a phrase too soon! How can I fix that?

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I am in the habit of cutting the last note of a phrase of words too quickly and not holding the note as long as I should.  I was wondering if there is a lesson in the TVS program that addresses this problem? I want to get to the point of breaking that habit and holding notes as long as they should be and have it be second nature to do that.

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    You already know it is a problem. That is part of the solution, being aware that you are  cutting off notes too soon. Work on your songs one phrase at a time or just work on the phrases that are causing problems. Practice using a backing track or a drum beat or metronome.

    Practice cutting off the note with the beat of the drums or the ticking of the metronome . La 234, breathe 234, La 234 breath 234 Start the note on the 1 hold until the next 1.  Also do La 234 1234, breathe 234, La 234 1234, Breath 234 etc. Starting on the 1 and holding for 2 measures and ending on the first beat of the 3rd measure.

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