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Screaming Question

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Hi, I've search all over the internet and have been trying to place this for a few years and practicing and just can't figure it out. If I could find out what "type" of scream it is, or how to achieve it, that would be fantastic. But what I'm trying to achieve is the type of scream Marilyn Manson does. Here's a few examples of what I'm talking about. EX 1 at 4:48 - 5:13, EX 2 at 3:05. And I think Scarlxrd also might do this type of scream too. EX 3 at 1:08 - 1:22

Any help on where I should start would be very appreciated.

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Hi Mallory,

I only listened to the Manson video.  First, I would ask you if you know what "Fry" vocal or pulse register is? If not, check out the Draven Grey video I've linked here.

First, I would not consider the Manson example "screaming." It's more of a singing with grit. A very scratchy texture with just a bit of true tone underneath.

One of several key coordinations you will need to master in this style of singing to avoid vocal damage is, "fry" vocal, or pulse register sounds. You will utilize "fry" vocal to layer over the pitch of your vocalization. It doesn't hurt, and causes no damage as long as you are ALSO correctly supporting the sound with proper diaphragmatic and respiration techniques. Let me know if you have other questions however, I highly recommend enrolling in either Robert Lunte's, or Draven Grey's online vocal course. 

Too often, singers want to just jump in head first to distortion, rasp, grit, and screaming vocal effects, without mastering the solid fundamentals of healthy singing techniques. Unless you are already an "advanced" skills singer, start at the beginning to strengthen and refine your sining voice THEN, explore the various "special effects" you can expand your abilities with!




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