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Me singing the chorus of When the Heartache is Over (Tina Turner)

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What do you think? I'm not entirely new to singing, I was in a choir in middle school and I and my friend tried to form a band... I was too shy to continue with it, so I've just been singing to myself now and then since.

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1 hour ago, vsplit said:

Yes, lol. I don't have a place to sing properly in atm.

     I had the feeling that you were keeping the volume low so you would not disturb others. Unlike others who are always whisper singing because they think that is their singing voice. Even when keeping a low volume try not to whisper.

      When we do not sing with enough air flow and cord closure we do not have as much control over the voice. Even when singing quietly we should still have a solid tone. Whispering dries out the vocal cords.

    One exercise I have seen is a low volume(loudness) while maintaining full cord closure.

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1 hour ago, singing squirrel said:

do you have any more info on this please?

This is basically sirens or scales using VOCAL FRY on a low volume. The sound of vocal fry is from the vocal cords making contact but it is random. The sound can only happen when you are using barely enough air to make the cords vibrate but they have to make contact with each other.

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The vocal fry is like Elmer Fudd from Bugs Bunny Cartoons. The vocal cords are held together but there is not enough air movement to keep a solid tone so the voice sounds like it has a crackle in it. The crackle sound is the cords coming together in an uneven vibration. Vocal fry in the upper register may be called Creak.

11 hours ago, singing squirrel said:

this wispering thing! do you think it somehow relates to fasetto?

Whispering does not make the falsetto. Falsetto is when the cords do not fully make contact and the cords are only vibrating on the edges. You can make falsetto with full cord closure and without full cord closure. Without cord closure and a high register you would get a sound like Mickey Mouse. With cord closure and a high register you would get a sound like Elmo and Miss Piggy from The Muppets. Lower register Falsetto sounds like the guy from King of the HIll Cartoon and Patrick from spongebob.

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