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The issue that is not solved or resolved is why you would post a subject Titled "Solved" and have the only word in the post as  "resolved".

     This mystery is not as yet "Solved" or "resolved".

     Now that you have made a "Post" I wonder if you will "Repost" a response. 

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forget it silly knocker! its just another 5 minute dream-trip-shit-fk-wit on a walter mitty do dar foolling ones ego, never to be seen hear/ of again 

They are all the same weather its hear,  harmony central, computer generated game of redit or what ever they call that place, or the jimmyshitforbrains club or joinmyband.co.uk

They are never going to make  tuppence ha'penny headway out of the job ladee! because this is no way to run a business; remember!

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