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lost my voice due to maiden! help!

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so Iron Maiden came down singapore, and i got front row, so all the songs was playing, and no surprises i shouted along. hahahaha. i know, bad for the voice, but damn, its IRON MAIDEN. the first time they perform in singapore. i cant help going crazy!

but yeah, now i somehow lost my singing voice. cant hold a note on a certain range properly. anyone knows of any 'warm down' technique for blown out/tired voices like mine..??

i got an audition next week.. 25th tho. now is only 17th.. but i better get it well soon........

i've been doing lip bubbles every now and then, from a high pitch to low, at a constant, moderate volume. is that enough..?

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  • Administrator


In my humble opinion:

REST your voice for a few days. Do not speak unless it's absolutely necessary.

Drink PLENTY of water, but not to excess.

Drink Throat Comfort Tea (or Throat Coat Tea if you DO NOT have BP issues, due to the ginger in the Throat Coat). Drink at lukewarm temperatures

Try some honey - It works for me....

Use a vaporizer if available, particularly at night. You can also try a sponge for moisturizing your throat and nasal passages. Make sure it's NEW, BUT clean it well !!! Boil the sponge and let it cool to a lukewarm temp. Alternately inhale the "moisture" through your mouth and nasal passages.


I also use the following gargle mixture regularly :

Gargle (for Coughs, Sore Throat, etc. GREAT for use after singing. Can be used prior to, but I seldom do that)


2 TBS. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

2 TBS Honey (Preferably locally produced)

1/2 tsp. Slippery Elm Powder

Approx. 1/4 tsp. Sea Salt (Good Quality)

4 - 6 Drops Glycerin

1 cap full Hydrogen Peroxide

Few Drops Lemon Juice

Pinch Cayenne Pepper to Taste (Be CAREFUL)

Mix with warm water (Use a 12 oz. Tumbler)

Use at Room Temperature

(Refrigerate after use)


Few Drops Lime Juice

4 - 6 Drops Tea Tree Oil

4 - 6 Drops Licorice


(This gargle has always worked very well for me)

I hope this has helped....

I wish you the BEST at your audition !!! :cool:


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o wow thx adolph. i will jot this down somewhere in my room. this is very very helpful!!

you drink ACV too? i LOVE that drink.

im not quite sure where to get all those ingredients though.

would just gargling ACV and honey good enough?? coz they are the easiest ingredients to get.. =D

also, in my line of work, i have to talk. and sometimes have to raise my voice abit coz of loud music. im a sound engineer in pubs.. recently ive been talkin with a quite lower pitch then usual, and sometimes monotonous.

is that good? ive read somewhere to just resume talking as per normal..

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  • Administrator

My Pleasure, darkclaw !!!

Yes, ACV and Honey would work well, but I would try to find as many of the other ingredients as possible. Many, such as glycerin, sea salt, peroxide, etc., can be found at your local grocery or drug store(s).

As for the remainder of the ingredients (i.e. Tea Tree Oil, Licorice, and my teas), I order from I-Herb.com >> http://www.I-Herb.com

I know they deliver overseas, but I'm not sure if they ship to Singapore. If so, here's a code to receive a discount on your first order >>> DOL154

As for your job, that's a difficult one to address. Personally, I would speak in a normal voice, as you've mentioned, but again, I would restrict myself to speaking as little as possible. Avoid whispering or speaking in an "airy" voice, however.

Others may have a different insight on this, so I'm hoping for more posts.

On a related note, Zinc, which I've been using for over three years, is supposed to be the "Singer's Mineral". It helps to relieve a sore throat and reduces inflammation of the vocal folds. It has also worked very well for me. However, just TODAY, I heard that it dries the sinuses/nasal passages.

Conflicts, conflicts, conflicts ???????????

Get well, my friend, and kick butt at your audition !!! :cool:

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I will try to get all those ingredients. Those seems good. Its like brewing a magic potion for the throat. hahahaha.

About whispering, I remembered from some lessons that whispering is almost the same as shouting as a lot of air is passed thru the vocal cords. You will realize if you whisper for very long, your will get hoarse too.

In Ken's master stage vids, he mention Zinc too. And yes it dries the nasal passages, so don't take it too much.

Thanks for the help bro! I hope I do well!!

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  • Administrator

Magic, indeed...:D

About the Zinc - I was taking it daily. After what I heard yesterday, I decided to take it three days apart.

Hope ??? Think positively.... Put your HEART into it at your audition. You'll do fine !! :)

Obviously, I don't know your name on the main site. It would be my pleasure to add you as a friend :cool:


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if your speaking voice is low & monotonous, because you can't find the variety it should have, that could be from a muscle weakness. I've seen patients who just pull throat muscles -- like any other strain/sprain -- in the midst of extreme use. Sometimes people can distinguish throat pain thats like heat/raw feeling on the inner surface, from pain that's like a muscle ache & might be locallized to a spot you can touch on the outside of throat. If this is the kind fo trouble you're having, vocal rest is important, but chemical potions won't do a whole lot. Hot & cold compresses (hot washcloth & icewater washcloth, wrap around throat, alternate 4-5 times, end with cold, 2x day) and gentle neck relaxation exercises like lying on your back rolling head slowly side2side & with maximum ease, might be worth a try.

If you can postpone your audition, DO IT. Risks are (1) hurting your instrument further while trying to sound excellent when the mechanism is "in the infirmary" (2) sounding awful and making bad impression you can't' recover from (3) ekeing out a tolerable audition but feeling so stressed about it that you add to muscle tension & feel unreal about the whole thing.

Bigger risk: doing OK & NOT learning how to pace yourself!! When there's a big audition inthe future, DON'T GO to a concert that week where you can't control your enthusiasm! I know, careful professionalism & strategic voice rest sucks. So does adult life in general ... this kind of carefulness is the blessing & curse of the vocalist. Inescapable.

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oh Joanna, now you put me into a whole new level of stress. arghh!!

yeah i better take care of my instrument.... but the thing is the audition is only on that day. and i got it on a lucky break too. i wasnt supposed to get it till the one that is suppose to go cancelled their shot. so yeah.... i think i better not talk till then......

i will try what you suggested Joanna, thanks so much


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