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Im a hopefull beginner desperate for some feedback

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Hi all, I'm a first time poster here. For awhile I was absolutely tone deaf and I've been working at it real hard for months now. I have a few clips that I would really appreciate feedback on (its just small parts of each song). I've provided multiple links as there are good and bad parts to each one and I felt it would help to give you an idea of where Im at right now.

Thanks so much for your time!





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well I only listened to the first one

If this is one of your own songs then I dont know it that is for sure and can not make any comparason to the original 

While the lower and higher notes seam to be in tune the middle notes seam to drift off out of key. I think you are using your head voice well but not bridging the passageo break well enough and may seams to be the cause of you singing out of key in the mid range

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