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Change of placement question

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I can hear an immediate difference (I'm listening on heavy closed back headphones).

I can JUST hear a difference through my laptop speakers, too, but I guess I already know what I'm looking for.

It actually started with me trying to sing Fields of Gold (Sting), and deciding that a touch of distortion is required on some of the phrases (like, "among the fields of gold").

I've never really been interested in distortion, but this seems to be one of those rare cases of a song I like that I think needs a bit of distortion in places.

Trouble is that I have no idea how to even begin getting the particular distortion (a touch of rasp I would call it?) through placement in the mask. But placement at back of the throat FELT different. Although I wasn't trying to do any distortion, it FELT more like it WOULD be more able to distort the way I wanted. So, I was thinking that if I do learn a bit about rasp, I'd better use that placement (as oppose to the placement in the mask that I am more used to.)

I know that rasp has to be done carefully, and not physically directly on the vocal folds (or you could eventually find yourself stuck with it!) So, I am just exploring a foundation for learning how to do it for the odd occasion.

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Dayum! Messing around looking at the waveforms in Audacity and I've only just realized that there is an octave jump in there! I know that I am singing a heap of notes wrong, but the thing was only ever intended as an exercise in projection anyway, and I kinda got stuck singing it this way. It's still a tune, just not the right one :lol:. (Who's to say what the original is, anyway?) The exercise was suggested by ronws, a member back in the day when I was starting out. I knew he'd picked it to get me working on projection/resonance because that is what we had been talking about. I think he knew that that, combined with the speed of the song would trip me up. I just didn't realize there was an octave jump in there F3 - F4 (or maybe I created it by singing it wrong). Years later, I'm still using it for warm-up/exercise! Good call by ronws. I recommend it.

I can go a smidgen faster.. (yeah yeah the tunes a bit wrong)..


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