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Singing Don't Stop Me Now - Queen. Critique and help me improve my vocals especially in high ranges

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Daniel Vernall

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Hi all, 

This is my first forum post.

I'm looking for some advice. I have improved in my singing recently to push chest a bit further, but I find singing softly at high pitches is difficult to avoid being shrill. I can reach high notes in falsetto/head voice but struggle to get a pleasing tone. I would like to round off that tone a bit. 

Any advice on where to focus my efforts:




Thanks in advance! 


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Yeah, that streamed, ok.

As I expected, I'm totally at sea. The genre/style is not my kind of sound, rendering any comment pretty useless.

But it's great what you are doing, putting it out there, showing people what it takes, the dedication and making it look like fun, too.

I hope you inspire people to have a go. Hats off to you.


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14 hours ago, Daniel Vernall said:

I would like to round off that tone a bit. 

The" long I" Vowel is a dipthong. Ah-EE The EE part of the vowel is tripping you up. Either drop the EE part of the vowel or focus on the ah part and lighten the EE to i as in IT or Eh as in Let. Ex. For Light, instead of L-ah-ee-t....L-ah-it. Or L-ah-et.

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