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Can I start learning singing at 30

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Hi there

So I really want to learn to sing but I have zero clue if I should or if I can. I have recorded a snippet of something I wrote. What is your honest opinion? I am okay with criticism.

Thanks in advance 



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Your singing reminds me of Indian music for some reason.

I find your question a bit perplexing, if you don't mind my saying so. Who can tell you whether or not you can or should learn something?

Surely this is a matter of your own decision and determination.

What kind of "clue" do you have in mind?

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1 hour ago, binny said:

@kickingtone Thanks for your reply. By clue I wanted to ask if I have the voice to sing. Because I find my voice cringe worthy. 

ok. I think that the very first and most important thing is to stop finding your voice cringeworthy.

Learning to sing is about noticing, hearing and bringing out what is good, expressive and interesting in your voice. You do that by training.

Anybody who tells you that "you don't have a singing voice" when you are starting out, most probably lacks imagination. You mustn't become one of those people.

I cannot hear anything in your sample to suggest that you "don't have a singing voice". The vast majority of us develop "singing voices" through training.

Go for it!

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