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Chronic tongue tension and TMJ

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Hello everyone,

I've been singing a lot since 3 years and i've been progressing constantly. But recently i was stuck, and for several month nothing changed. Then i discovered that i had a lot of tongue tension, so i tried a many different exercises and it worked a bit, my tongue is definitly more relax now than a month ago. But somehow, the tension seems to always get back at me ( especially the tension at the root of the tongue ) , and its fluctuating : someday i can sing pretty well and really feel my tongue as relaxed piece of meat and the day after, i'm back with the tension. Does anyone here had a similar problem ? 

PS : I've got a light TMJ disorder and bruxism, i don't know if it's linked but hey...

PS 2 I really don't understand this tension because a lot of my friends ( even those who don't sing ) have perfectly relaxed tongues naturally. 

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