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  Everyone starts out by not singing exactly on pitch. It is something you learn. Some people learn at an earlier age because of being aloud to make mistakes and then correct them. Others learn over time by giving themselves permission to practice and improve.

   The sound of your voice is as good as anyone''s.  Just as you have done with this song, record yourself, listen to it and compare the melody that you are singing with the melody of the original recording.  On those places that do not sound right to you, sing them again and try to get the melody a little better.

   Listening and paying attention to the melody you are going to sing is a big part of getting better. Learning how to recognize when you are singing the correct melody is not easy at first. It takes some getting used to when comparing the sound of your voice to the original singer. You do not need to sound like the other singer but you do need to sing the same melody.

   Allow yourself to not sound "Great" while you are practicing, but pay attention to when you do sound really good and when you do not. Take note of which parts of a song may need some improvement and which parts sound good to you and see if you can "Hear" what went wrong and what went right. In this way you will learn to recognize when things are starting to go wrong and you can "Fix" them before they go wrong.

   As I said before, the "Sound"" of your voice is not a problem. you are not matching the notes of the melody throughout the song. That takes singing the same song over and over again until you get it right.

   Other musicians allow themselves practice time and time to improve. The same is for singers. The way to learn how to Match a melody is by practicing, messing up and making changes. And learning to recognize when something is right and something is wrong.

  Allow yourself to be a beginner and start learning how to work on your singing to make it better.


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