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Hey! I'm having a hard time figuring out the voice i've created. It kinda feels like mixed voice in some degree, but I think it's not mixed voice cause I when I ascend my pitch it goes breathier and not connected to the head voice (it breaks) and feels like it stucks in my throat (not smoothly transition into the head voice area/ in head voice placement). It only sounds like it's in chest and head but if I ascend it stays that way. It doesn't hurt my throat and i don't strain at all when i do it. I'm confused of what to do, am i supposed to train it or let go cause i've tried all the "find your mixed voice" on youtube, it's the same, i ended up at the same spot. Do i have to train my chest voice ? Cuz i'd been training my head voice like more or less than 1 year by singing in head voice. But now i'm training my chest voice. My chest voice range is E2-C#4/D4, C#4-D4 kinda struggling but ok, D#4 straight up shouting. I can sing D#4 if I transition into that voice. My transition point into that voice is around A3 if I sing quietly, it sounds normal until it gets to F4. I've never took a vocal lesson cause i'm broke lmao. What do you guys think I should do ? What do you guys recommend ?

Voice 018_sd.m4a

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