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How do I have a song on youtube reviewed?

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I have uploaded Old Man River to youtube.   How do I get my song reviewed?   I am 81 years old and have always had a good voice, but not this good.   1 1/2 years ago I was forced to completely retire and decided to learn how to sing.   My wonderful coach has increased my chest vocal range by over 1 octave.   I can sing in the quality of voice of Bass Baritone, Baritone, Tenor and mixed Tenor.   In Old Man River I sing my Bass Baritone until the ending where I switch to Baritone and end with 1 note of Tenor.   I also uploaded And This Is My Beloved but I goofed and the high note was flat so it was deleted. 

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I have uploaded And This Is My Beloved.  I sang A Capella.   I still had problems with 1 of the high notes but it is now O.K.   I have asked people do they like my Bass Baritone or my tenor better.   I have 2 votes for tenor.  I am practicing My Way.  In my biased opinion I will be better than Sinatra.   I sing 1/5 down from his version and he had lost some of his wonderful quality of voice when he recorded.   I have the pitch right.  My voice quality is wonderful but my tempo is bad.   Hopefully practice,practice practice.  If I sing A Capella most people don't notice my major flaw.

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