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i'd like to know my vocal type

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Hello, i'm male on my late teens and a literal beginner on singing. Recently, i've read some topics about vocal ranges and techniques and i wanted to know what my vocal types are and if i did my singing incorrectly. Because i've read that for male that tried to reach high notes, it often accidentally fall into falsetto and highly possible to damage my voices if i overdone it. So i'd be happy if you can make some reviews and ratings about my recordings below so i can started to practice correctly. And i really didn't know what my vocal ranges is Lol. Thanks a lot!!


PS: i'm sorry for false notes and tempos, i barely start singing arbitrarily :lol::lol:

when we were younh (1).mp3 circles low (1).mp3

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You have a nice low register and a wide range. Definetly I think you are a Baritone. Keep learning I feel your voice Is very healthly , clean and beautiful, that's why it's important to hire a coach as soon as possible.

BTW, start doing some chormatic or major scales in order to find your more comfortable range. It seems you could start easily from G2 and go up as you feel ok and relaxed without changing to head voice by the moment. Register changes (go to head or mixing) should be managed with a coach at first, in my oppinion. Anyway, you can do a wide-range and beautiful repertoire with this natural and clean sound.


One more thing... Falsetto is not dangeorus, the real danger is trying to force the chest voice in order to avoid it.



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