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Could you tell me if I am singing in tune or not? I am doubting myself.

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Could you please give me feedback on this song?  I am not even a decent guitarist and I am trying to learn singing. Playing and singing comes very hard to me. 
Anyhow, am I in tune? I can’t really push more air through because I live in an apartment and can only practice late in the evenings and I am self conscious about that. 
The song is not mine and of course the singer sings it way better but, I am trying to learn to play and sing and trying to find a decent range where I sound ok and can hit highs and lows. I think this octave works for me but need your help because I can’t tell if I am in tune or if I just think I am. Anyhow. The song is ‘at the end pt1” by Wylder which btw I truly recommend to check out as he  is very talented.
Thank you for your time and,hopefully, suggestions. 



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Thank you so much. I will work on that. Yeh the guitar seems to really get into my voice as well as, at times, it seems like there is a second voice but this is straight from the voice recording app so it must be the guitar notes. Again, thank you so much for your time and suggestions.

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