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Am I a tenor or a baritone?

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A song I wrote with a friend (https://vocaroo.com/do0P3CKkFSV) - it shows my lowest notes and my lower and midrange singing

The lowest notes (A2 on "it skips a beat") were difficult for me, it took multiple takes to get a usable recording of those notes, but singing the higher notes in the song (it peaks at A4) didn't cause me any discomfort or wear my voice out.

Part of a song I wrote by myself (https://vocaroo.com/8tbs0ZCRtrA) - shows off my highest belting/full voice notes, peaking at E5.

Me singing "Shandi" by KISS (https://vocaroo.com/gOxAWLQfzec- lower and midrange singing

Me singing a parody I wrote of a KISS song (https://vocaroo.com/ljFjZlNc0p7- midrange and high belting

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