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Baritone / Bass Trying to Sound Better

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So, I am a rather young baritone/bass (depends who you ask) and I'm just trying to sound better singing my favorite songs.  However, I don't really have the range to sing most of them, and I want to fix that lol.  I feel like I have 3 modes that I can sing in, but 1 of them is unusable, and that happens to be the one in the range that I'm looking to use.  I'll start with range, my comfy chest voice on a normal day is around D2 - D4 and I can occasionally get that pesky E4 on good days.  My head voice on a good day can get up to F5 and can be taken down to around C4 ish.  Now, the fun thing is I have a middle thing that sounds a lot like falsetto but weaker, and it covers from around F4-D5.  Now, this middle thing would be incredibly useful if it was strong, but like I said it's lighter than a falsetto currently.  I think this is some form of mixed voice that I'm just not putting the right finesse into.  Does anyone have some exercises or tips that I could try to get that mode of my voice to sound more full so I could use it in songs? As it is currently, I have no clue how to train that, and neither does my vocal coach.  Thanks in advance for any help. :)

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