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interested in improving tone/developing a vibratto

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HELLO! I'm new here and am here to learn everything I can. I sing for a Toronto alternative/rock group called Capital H. I want to improve everything! Projection, tone, develop a vibratto, increase range... everything and anything! Tips/tricks/criticisms/suggestions are all very welcome. If you want to hear my singing you can go to http://capitalh.bandcamp.com and download our newest EP for FREE! Just enter $0.00 in where it says to pay. Thank you so much!

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Projection : Twang, picking the right shade (the most resonant one) of every vowels and support

Tone : Subjective to be honest. I didn't have time to listen to your link, but you might want to check out distorsion/creak(ing)/etc... But most of the time, your feelings alone should be coloring your tone the right way :)

Vibrato : there are different kind of vibrato. I have found that when everything's going on fine, it comes and goes seemingly at will.

Range : Some day I wake up with an extra semitone. It just happens over time. You can focus on that specifically with scales and sirens and playing (remember to be playful here, because you need not fear doing silly sounds) with the vocal tract on the high/low notes. Sustaining notes (without straining, can't stress it enough, trust me, you don't want to lose even part of your voice for even a half week, it sucks a lot) and trying to find the best balance of support, resonnance, twang, vowel shade, etc... should work too.

What exactly do you want to improve ?

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