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How do I train myself to sing individual (separate) notes on pitch?

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I’ve been taking singing lessons for last few months and I’m struggling with my untrained ear.

Sometimes when we do the warmups etc., after an interruption, my teacher plays an individual note on the piano as the reference point and often I find myself in situation in which I can’t repeat this individual note correctly.

When heard out of context, the separate note (especially in higher or very low octaves) sounds unnatural and unfamiliar to me, to the point I am unable to recognize whether I’m on the pitch or not.

Needless to say, I feel quite bad in that moments i.e. when I hear the G on the piano and sing the D and don’t feel the difference.

I wouldn’t say I’m tone deaf, because I’m already able to recognize some intervals, I can hear when I’m out of pitch singing with the backing track, I can practice songs and so on.

I train with an app and my piano to sing individual notes. I found out that I can repeat the notes quite accurately but only if I’m using relative pitch in my mind (and treat the consecutive notes as a sequence, a melody). Everything goes fine until the moment when I hear a note from another octave, I lose the track and I’m totally unable to imagine this note in the octave that matches with my singing range. Sometimes I notice I can’t even recognize the tones which I’m physically able to sing.

What should I do? Should I just stick to the interval training, learning songs, playing the piano etc. and it will come eventually? Or maybe I should spend much more time trying to adsorb, feel and perform the individual notes?

Sometimes I think that there is no such a thing like a musical talent and everything is the question of practice, but another day I think I just don’t have it. Maybe I’ll be able to learn melodies and sing something but I’ll never acquire easiness in this field.

If you could share your thoughts on this I would be very thankful.

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Don't worry . Be patient. Did you find your vocal range? If you didn't you should do it and it's completely normal to be unable to sing the notes that are out of your range. You should transfer song to your vocal range or practice to extend your range. And everyone use relative pitch to sing. There are really few people who have perfect pitch and are kind of musical geniuses. I think you're just doing fine.

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