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The Vocal studio - Four Pillars of Singing

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Hi there everyone,

this is mainly directed towards those at TVS but anyone who has actually gone through the process I would appreciate some feedback.

My first question is - do I go through all the exercises at once or master step one before going onto step 2 (my preference is for the latter)

Secondly how do I know my head voice is not falsetto. I am currently on set and release and about to go onto bridging the pasagio. Before I do so I want to make sure that I am doing the exercise correctly (as this is the foundation for the rest I believe then it is important this is right). I have listened to recording of my doing the exercise and tome it just sounds like falseto wen I go into the higher register, yet I feel a tingle inmy tongue, palette and even today a tickling sensation in my nose - it just sounds very weak and not like the video.

So anyone who has gone through it and, specifically if you have had the same thoughts as this, I would be very grateful to hear your opinions.

Also a possible wish list for me would be - in the videos we have Robert performing the exercise and then a singer friend doing this. In every case I have seen so far there are very few errors demonstrated. What would be very instructional Robert would be to see one of your first time students performing the exercise and You showing where the corrections should be made - for me this would be invaluable because I am sure that I like many others make the same mistakes and if it is pointed out (in a nice caring way of course) then it makes the learning from Video process a lot easier to understand.

Finally I just wanted to say that although I have only done the first 3 exercises (breathing support, Resonator and set and release) and only for 4 days now, Saturday night I played a concert (as I do every Saturday) and on Sunday Morning for breakfast another concert (six hours in between the two).

In both cases the audience said my voice had improved immensely - I can certainly feel the power in my voice more than just last week, but these comments surprised me because I hadn't actually noticed a huge change. Also,on Saturday afternoon in order to promote the concert on Sunday morning I took my guitar to the local supermarket and sang outside for half an hour. Someone came by and said they could hear me singing a couple of blocks away and came to see what it was (I wasn't singing that loudly either)

So thanks a lot - it appears to be working and, although at present it is money I could ill afford to pay I believe so far it has been well worth it.

Your feedback to the points above though would be gratefully appreciated

Thanks in advance


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you might want to schedule a live lesson w/ robert via skype or something. i too use TVS and it really helped to start off w/ live lessons so he can correct you if you're not doing the exercise correctly - and he can tell you if you're not really in head voice, etc.

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  • Administrator


Nothing is better then hearing that "Pillars" is helping people. Its been a big hit and sold in 90 countries. I never thought it would get the reception that it has, I guess we hit on something that works for people. And thank you for the feedback on how I might add more value for you. As we gear up to produce "Pillars 2.0", we will incorporate a LOT of these good ideas to make "Pillars" even better.

Miss PK is correct... If you have the budget, I recommend that you take a few internet lessons with me on skype so I can watch you on the foundation workouts. I truly will get you on the right path. Feel free to email me if you have questions about that.

Or, you can come to Seattle for the weekend intensive and study with me over one weekend where we will do 6-8 lessons. Here is a web page for that. www.thevocaliststudio.com/weekendintensive

Get back to me, I want to help you... especially since you posted such a nice endorsement.


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Hi Robert

as I mentioned when I bought the Course (This is Vince from Spain by the way) being currently unemployed means that the spare money I did have went on the course and do not have the budget to take lessons be it via Internet or in person (my dog still hasn't forgiven me yet for the reduced amount of meat he gets in his diet)

I did send you a coupe of emails last week )one with an attached file I recorded doing the exercise) in the hope you might respond (but appreciate you are busy) but not got an answer as yet.

Hence the reason for coming on to the forum and seeing if anyone could assist. I dont want to just soldier on and do the wrong thing.

Not to worry I will I am sure discover the way by trial and error, just wanted to get it right before going to the next stage,



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