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Could you tell me what you think about me singing Take me to Church on smules?

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I sang Take me to Church on an app today. I have a terrible time memorizing lyrics and the way the lyrics play on the app throws me off. I need to memorize the lyrics. But I struggle.

I could not sing the high part of this song as easily as I can now. Although it sounds like I am straining (maybe I am) I can do this all day long now. For some reason I saw a singer, Sam Ryder, and I noticed how he moved while singing and it made something click. It looked as if he was using his whole body to ‘push’ or otherwise place notes in the correct place. I tried it and could sing the higher parts of this song felling it as it was manageable. Granted, I only did this yesterday so I don’t even know if it was just s good day. 

Many parts of this performance make me cringe. I can clean it up but basically this is my voice.

Anyhow, overall, am I relatively on pitch for the majority of the song? Do I sound decent for the majority of the song? Do I sound awful the whole time? Do I sound awful when I sing high?

Also, this app has a lot of presets for voice, i chose this because it only shows 2 types of reverb and i dialed one at 25% the other at 50% (the preset starts with both at 100%).

Can you hear other effects? Pitch corrections etc? I cant seem to figure out if there is a way to turn everything off in this app.


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