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Talking about Fach just confuses people in the beginning?

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I would say that talking about fach just confuses people in the beginning? Beginners need to find out their natural voices and what they are good at and not so good at. On certain forums you find beginners who ask if they are a dramatic tenor or some kind of baritone. To me this is not very helpful at all. It takes time to find out who you are when it comes to the voice.
In my case I am a higher tenor. My teachers says that I am a tenor1.  All we beginners need to know is bassically what range we have and how we need to train our voices. You really only know your fach when you have practiced singing for a very long time. Also, there a different fach systems as well. All we need is to search for is our own natural voices.
Sure, it is nice to know your fach. I would like to be classified as a spieltenor or something simmilar as I like spieltenors a lot and am a bit an actor myself. I cannot know who I am right now and I am probably not going to sing opera so why even care about operatic fach systems?

What do you say?

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