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New to this forum, need some guidance! ;-)

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Hi all!


I'm new to this forum, and in a way new to singing as well. I'm the bassist/vocalist for a Stoner Rock trio in Belgium, and we've just restarted our band after an 8 year long hiatus (Covid messed up our restart 2 years ago). Thing is I never even had a minute of singing lessons and struggled with the combination of bass + vocals in the past, though I stuck with it and was able to pull off some decent enough shows. I never felt comfortable with the way I used my voice and always felt I wasn't doing it 'right'. So I'm starting from scratch again, and yet again I'm unable to afford paying for singing lessons (tough financial times), so I figured I'd figure it out myself with the help of more talented and experienced people online. 

This clip is from a self produced (amateur level) ballad, which doesn't fully display my vocal ability and of which I'm pretty ashamed when I hear it now - it's around 10 years old. If you'd have any comments, positive or negative, be sure to let me know!  


Anyways, looking forward to taking in all the knowhow on this forum.



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