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How I discovered my mix voice after 7 years of singing, and is it possible to make it sound fuller?

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Hello guys! I'm new here I've been singing for 7 years now predominantly in the rock and metal genres, I never really actively tried to find my mixed voice, but a mere obversation of live vocalists made me notice something... that is that the higher these artists go up in their mix the more nasaly sound and open throat techniques are used which makes the sound thinner.

I uploaded a video of me singing She's gone by steelheart only the chorus, 3 short clips one from 3 months ago and 2 others 1 week ago, I'm getting more of the right sounds and less of the wrong sounds day by day, and I'm able to control the cracks more and more, distortion was deliberate in the second and third clip.

however I'm wondering if any of you gurus think I can hit these notes without (or limited) nasalaty. Any help or advice would be appreciated. 

Link: https://youtu.be/uWiPEXy4g0I


P.S: I'm a baritenor (or a stretched baritone A#2 > D5 (Chest Register) and B6 (and C7 on a good day) is my highest note in the mix register if that even matters

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