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Distinguishing twang and strain/tension

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Hello! I am a relatively new singer, I've been taking weekly vocal lessons for about a year. I recently switched teachers after realizing the one I'd been seeing didn't know very much about singing technique beyond the very basics, and I want to take my singing to the next level.

My new teacher strongly emphasized "twang" as something I'm going to need to sustainably utilizing my upper range in the style of singing I am interested in (pop punk) and gave me some exercises to help develop it. However, the sensation I am experiencing when attempting to create this sound feels a lot like strain and tension, which makes me think I might be doing it wrong. I do intend to explore this further with my teacher the next time I see her, but I wanted to get a jump start and ask if this is a common mistake or how I might be able to avoid this.

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Good to hear that you are upping your singing, to the next level.

Hang in there and try to relax.  When you are doing something, your muscles is not attuned to the movements, and yes, it feels like strain.

Doing it more will make it easier.  But do not overdo it.  And importantly, have fun, and take care of your vocal health.


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