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vocal range question

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i have had a long time out of singing i have a smooth but also can be raw poppy voice ,  so i joined a this new  music group where they practice acoustic guitar etc  and they chose , snow patrol open your eyes and because they hear i have a nice voice they want me to sing it   , i can’t sing it as e4 is a mickey mouse sounding note for me unless i shout , but i really don’t think this song suits me , do ranges even matter like when i see online that david bowie range is  really high and he sounds way low to me , i have quite a mid voice but i’m getting into ranges and stuff , but does it matter if d4 is really my most comfy note at the moment ? i’m hitting e4 in falsetto or head atm and it’s not comfy really , maybe i have to learn but i have a really old song ( that doesn’t do me justice now ) i think i may start head voicing around c4 and i have only a couple of notes of it , shouting is different but that completly changes the tone of my voice , anyway after waffling so much my question 


does range matter ? i know i can improve my range but do i really want to have some range one day and not the rest , if i can hit d4 even when im

ill should i just go up a smidge and stay there ?  g4 could be my end goal

but that seems massively far atm 





i haven’t got any lately sound of my voice but this is me 8 years ago 


anyone know what the high note at the end is at 4 mins ? i bet it’s not even that high but it sounds it right ?  thanks people i need your advice 




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