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Being Transgender and Learning to Sing Again

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Hi this is my first post. 

I'm a transgender woman of 46 years old and a bass player. 

Before my voice broke as a teenager, I had a great sense of vocal control and could sing in a high register with great comfort and expression. 

As the years passed I gave up music and the idea of singing was the furthest thing from my mind, as my voice changed in such a way that I had no confidence in finding pitch and hated my voice.

I took up playing the bass again about 4 years ago and never really thought about singing until I had speech training for my gender therapy. 

The coach said that I was already speaking in the female range and my voice rest around Db3. She suggested I get it up to roughly a G3 over time, but pressed that it wasn't that important, as my speaking voice was natural. 

I then started to want to sing and tried bits of songs here and there and thought, maybe I can do this again?!

This weekend I heard the amazing Adi Oasis - Whisper My Name and recorded myself through Reaper. 

I have to say I wasn't that impressed with what came back and I was really pushing too hard and it sounded very forced and a bit like I was being strangled. There were some phrases that caught the hooks in tune, but it made me realise that there would be a lot of work ahead to get this tune right.

I think it's in Bb Minor and she must be singing it above G3 that's for sure!

Any ideas how I can get this down with time, in this lifetime?


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